Home Based Business Email

Communicating with a client or customers remains one of the major concerns in a home based businesses.

With the ever increasing online innovations, you can now easily remain in touch with the concerned people even in a home based businesses.

Even if you are not doing business on a large scale, you should still reflect professionalism through the verbiage used in the email, which is extremely important to gain the attention of the recipient.

In the opening paragraph of the email, you should introduce yourself thoroughly and state the reason behind the email.

You can mention your credentials and past experiences in the body of the email. It is necessary to give all the details about yourself and since how long you have been working. You may attach any testimonials of your previous customers with the email, which is surely going to tempt the recipient to work with you.

Thank the customer or the client for his/her time in the concluding paragraph of the email and do not forget to mention that you are looking forward for a positive response. Give all the necessary information like your address and telephone number at the end.


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    Sample of Home Based Business Email

    To: allen23@rmail.com
    Subject: Target Achieved

    Dear Allen,

    I hope you are doing well. I was given a target to complete 200 articles for the month of May and I am happy to inform you that the target has been achieved before the deadline.

    The articles have been sent to you through our business portal. I have gone through the work multiple times to ensure that there are no errors. However, please do not hesitate to let me know if you want something to be corrected or added.

    I hope that you would be happy with my work and would continue to place trust in me in future.


    Stephen Henry
    Tel: 898-333-2222

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    Template of Home Based Business Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: [according to the type of business]

    Dear [name of the customer or the client]

    I hope you are enjoying good health as I write this email. This is in response to your query regarding our home based lunch offers.

    We provide lunch to many companies in our locality, having different dishes for five days of the week. Our flat rate is $6.9 per employee.

    If you are interested, I can send you all the details and weekly menu.


    [Your name]
    [Telephone number or address]

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