Networking Event Thank You Email

In order to express your appreciation for a networking event that really helped your cause, either personally and professionally, you should write a thank you email.

Start the email with opening salutation. Since most of the times you know the person you are writing the email to, it is better to write their name in the salutation. Writing Dear (name) sounds more intimate and more professional. However, you can also write Dear Sir.

The first paragraph of the email should be about appreciation and gratitude for the recipient, who played his/her part in organizing a networking event that helped you. In the opening paragraph, you must state why you are writing this email, so the reader can understand how important the message is.

In the second paragraph, tell the reader how the networking event that he/she organized helped you and how important it was for both of you and other people. If there was something really good in particular at the networking event, do not forget to mention it.

In the last paragraph, express your thanks once again and state how you plan to interract in future.

Use salutation to conclude the email. Write “Sincerely,” if you have used the recipient’s name in the opening salutation.


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    Sample of Networking Event Thank You Email

    Subject: Networking event thank you

    Dear Mr. Hudson,

    I would like to express my thanks for the efforts you made about the recently held networking event at our company. I am so glad that your presence helped us invite key businessmen and traders from all across the country, helping our company find new clients.

    The idea of organizing a technology event in tough economic conditions seemed like a non-starter at first, but once you stepped in and put your weight behind us, we did better than our own expectations.

    I will be keeping in touch with you throughout your stay in Virginia and thank you once again for your support and guidance.


    Jack Reed,
    Manager Marketing,
    New Era Tech,
    Virginia, United States

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    Template of Networking Event Thank You Email

    To: (Recipient's email)


    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    I would like to thank you for taking out the time and organizing a seminar that attracted key software engineers from all across the United States. I personally learned a great deal about advancements in software and web development and bestt of all, your speech kept the audience engaged the whole time, helping our company spread its message more clearly and more loudly than ever before.

    Keeping in mind the success of the seminar, the management of (your company name) is considering organizing another seminar in California next year. You will, once again, be invited as a guest speaker.

    I plan to keep in touch with you as your mentoring has been instrumental in our recent success. Thank you once again.


    (Sender’s name)
    (Sender’s designation)
    (Company name)
    (Company address)

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