Follow Up After Interview Email

The main purpose for writing a follow up email after an interview is to remind the employer that you are still waiting for his or her response. This email will give a good impression to the employer regarding your professionalism and the will to prosper in the organisation after getting employment.

You need to be very courteous in the opening paragraph by thanking the employer for conducting your interview and taking out his or her precious time for you. The use of the word ‘thank you’ is recommended here which will actually set the tone of your follow-up email.

In the second paragraph, you need to tell the employer how impressed you were by the professional panel which conducted your interview and just why you now believe that this organisation would be perfect for a professional person like yourself.

Do not be demanding at any time in the email by forcing the employer to take a final decision regarding your hiring. It is important that you keep in mind that if you force the employer into hiring you, he or she might decide otherwise.

In the last paragraph you need to provide your contact number and let the employer know that you are always available in case he or she needs to acquire more information from you. End the email with pleasantries.


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    Sample of follow up after Interview Email

    Subject: Follow Up After Interview Email


    Mr. Tommy Roy Human
    Resource Manager
    ABC Corporation

    Dear Sir,

    It is humbly stated that I, Mark Karev, was shortlisted and later interviewed by the human resource department of your company for the position of Manager on April 20. I want to express my gratitude for being given an opportunity to be interviewed by your organisation.

    Before this process, I was not sure if your organisation was the one that I wanted to work for, but after being interviewed by the professional members of the HR panel, it has become very clear to me that your organisation nurtures professionalism which has highly impressed me.

    I am looking forward to be given an opportunity from your side; you can feel free to contact me at 555909081 anytime for any additional information you may desire.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mark Karev

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    Template of Sales Interview Follow Up Email

    To: [Email address of concerned authority]
    Subject: [Write subject of the email]


    [Name of the official]
    [Official’s designation]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

    Dear Sir,

    It is kindly stated that I, [write your name], was shortlisted from a group of applicants and was invited by the human resource panel of your company [name of the organisation] for an interview pertaining to the position of [name of the position] on [write date and day].

    The professionalism exhibited by the interviewing board impressed me and I believe that I am best suited for this environment.

    I look forward to be contacted by you pretty soon. If you have any further queries you can easily reach me on [write your phone number].

    Yours sincerely,

    [Write your name]

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