Resignation Email to Board of Directors

There might be times when you have to shift your job for better opportunities or out of frustration. Writing a resignation email isn’t tricky at all. You just need to be straightforward and simply inform your supervisors about your abandonment.

You should begin the opening paragraph of your resignation email by mentioning the core purpose. Tell the board of directors straight away that you have decided to resign from the organisation from the particular date.

State the actual reason of your resignation in the following paragraph. Tell the board that it has been a fruitful experience while working at this organisation but you have got a golden opportunity to enhance your professional career and you want to go for it. Mention in your mail that your current work place has been really progressive and you have learnt a lot from your seniors.

In the last paragraph, you should thank the board of directors, your seniors and fellow colleagues for the association you had with them. You can also mention your personal contact details for those colleagues who want to remain in touch with you after you leave the organisation.


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    Sample of Resignation Email to Board of Directors

    Subject: Resignation from the job

    Dear Sir,

    I am sending this email to present my resignation as the assistant sales manager of this organisation. I will serve one month notice period (from 10th May 2013 to 10th June 2013), during which I shall continue performing my duties to full capacity, before I abandon this company.

    I have got a very attractive job offer in New York and I do not want to miss out this career-lifting opportunity. It has been a continuous journey of progress and learning while working at Star Pvt. Ltd. and I will always remember this tenure. My seniors and supervisors have been the real mentor and my colleagues have been a source of great support for me all the time.

    I would like to thank all the staff of Star for being so congenial with me and grooming my skills to this level.


    Marshal Andrews
    Assistant Sales Manager

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    Template of Resignation Email to Board of Directors

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Resignation from the job

    Dear Sir,

    I present my resignation from the job of (specific designation) from your firm today [day and date] with immediate effect.

    I regret to inform you that it has become extremely unfeasible for me to carry on my duties at [name of the organisation]. I have been constantly harassed by the management about the reporting of unethical activities being performed by some senior staff members. I cannot perform my auditing duties with independence and honesty and I think it is better for me to resign from this post.

    Kindly accept my resignation immediately and provide me with an experience letter as well.


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]

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