How to Download Latest Version of Hotmail Messenger

The world has become a global village. And thus, everyone needs to stay connected instantly with their loved ones, business associates and colleagues etc. Windows provides us with its very own solution, that all of us grew up with, i.e. Windows Messenger. It is one of the most popular software to stay connected. And yet, just having a messenger is simply not enough in today’s world, which sees hundreds of innovations every day. So you need to have the latest Hotmail Messenger, which is now called Windows Live Messenger. This article will guide you how to download the latest Live Messenger.


  • 1

    Open your web browser. In the URL field, type “”, and press “Enter”.

  • 2

    Once the page has loaded completely, in the right side of the screen, look for the “Download Messenger” tab. Once you find the tab, click it.

  • 3

    A browser pop-up will appear, asking whether you want to open or save the file, choose “Open” or “Run”.

  • 4

    Once you do that, the file will be downloaded and will start on its own. Click yes to any confirmations that your OS asks you for. The Windows Live Essentials Setup will then start. The Initialization window looks like the picture below


  • 5

    Once the setup has initialized, an option window will open up, asking whether you want to download all of Windows Live Essentials, or just some of them. If you just want to download the messenger, choose the option “Choose the programs you want to install”.

  • 6

    Once you click that, you will be carried to a new window, which will ask you to choose the programs you want to install. Place a check mark in the check box beside the Windows Live Messenger, and any other Windows Live programs that you need, and click “Install” tab.

  • 7

    After you click the Install tab, the selected programs will be downloaded and installed.

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