Thunderbird Yahoo Mail Settings Overview

Having emails from your multiple accounts at one place is a great ease, but selection of the right software to manage all emails is not that easy. When it comes to have Mozilla Thunderbird, some people may suggest you to use Microsoft Outlook instead, but actually managing Thunderbird is way too easy.

If you’re using free Yahoo email service and want to use it in Thunderbird, you must know that you’ll have to pay a smaller amount of fee and once you download the software, follow the steps below to set up your Yahoo mail account over it.


  • 1

    In Thunderbird, click on File and select Mail Account from the drop down menu.

  • 2

    A new window will appear on your screen with the title Mail Account Setup.

  • 3

    Fill in the data given below:

    - Your Name: Type your name which you want to be appear in email
    - Email address: Type your Yahoo email address (example,
    - Password: Type the password of your Yahoo Mail account.
    - After entering the above information hit the Next tab.
    - Select Manual setup from the next page.

  • 4

    A server setting page will appear on your screen, add the data mentioned as follow:

    - Server Name: Add the server name as
    - Incoming User Name: your incoming user name should be Yahoo ID
    -To Leave Email on the Server: Select this option  for back up of the emails on the server.

  • 5

    On the same window scroll down and look for Outgoing Server (SMTP), select it.

  • 6

    Next you will have to choose Yahoo Mail SMTP server in the right half of the pane.

    After hitting the Edit button make the following changes:

    - Server Name: the name of the server should be
    - Port: make sure the port is set to 465
    - User Name: enter your Yahoo email address
    - Connection Security: SSL/TLS should be your connection security

  • 7

    Before clicking OK check User Name and Password’s checkbox.

  • 8

    Again click Ok to take an exit from the Account Settings and you're done!

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