Job Offer Thank You Email

When you get a job offer, your first reaction is going to be that of excitement and you will probably tell everyone you know about it.

However, the thing that can add value to your profile and increase your chances to excel at that job is a nice thank you email to the prospective employer.

In the opening paragraph, you can state that you are grateful for getting a chance, and will surely pursue the opportunity. Do not mention the details of prior job experiences in the opening paragraph, just inform the recipient as to why this email is being written. The first few sentence, however, should be catchy enough to keep the reader engaged. Many people underrate the importance of introductory sentence, but it works wonders, truly reflecting your capability and ambitions.

Talk about your job experience and the challenges you are keen to take on in the second paragraph. You can mention your past experiences (the related ones of course) and say that you are fully prepared to carry out various tasks, if given an opportunity. Conclude the email by thanking the recipient once again.


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    Sample Job Offer Thank You Email

    Subject: Thank you for job offer

    Dear Shane Sobers,

    I am very delighted that you have offered me a position at your company. I want to thank you and will give it my best to ensure that I come up with your expectations and the job requirements.

    I have been an avid learner and the position you have offered is nothing new to me. I have been working in the art industry for the last 10 years and have full grasp on marketing and other technicalities.

    I hope I can become a valued asset for your organization. Looking forward to joining your team.


    Ron Watson

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    Template of Job Offer Thank You Email

    To: (Recipient's email)

    Dear Mr. _____________,

    I would like to thank you for the job offer and an interview call. I am glad that you have selected me for this position.

    My profile and past experience fit perfectly with the job description you mentioned in your email. I have been working in this industry for the last (number of years years), and my experience has made me capable of dealing with almost every challenge that comes along. I know that your company sets strict standards, but working in tough deadlines can both be challenging and rewarding.

    Looking forward to joining your team.


    (Sender’s name)

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