Sales Interview Follow Up Email

The main intention behind writing a sales interview follow up email is to grab the intention of the employer by reminding him about your interview that you have had with him a couple of days ago. Writing a follow up email creates a good image and shows that you are a true professional.

In the first paragraph of your sales interview follow up email, you should say thanks to the employer for conducting your interview and also for giving you his or her precious time.

In the second paragraph, you need to mention that you have learnt many things from the panel of professionals that conducted your interview. Add that this interview has made you determined to grow in sales field.

In the last paragraph, you should add your contact number and request the concerned authority to contact you at any time if he or she requires more information about you.


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    Sample of Sales Interview Follow Up Email


    Subject: Sales Interview Follow-up

    Mr. Tommy Roy
    Human Resource Manager
    ABC Corporation

    Dear Sir,

    It is kindly stated that I, Nick Kidd, have been shortlisted and interviewed by the human resource panel of your company for the position of sales manager on May 10. I want to say thanks for conducting my interview and for giving me your valuable time.

    Before this interview, I was a bit confused about picking up sales field as my profession but after having a great interview with your panel of officials it has become my strong desire to become a sales manager. I consider myself fully capable of performing all responsibilities of this job.

    I am looking ahead of getting a chance from your side. If you want to know more details about my credentials, then feel free to call me at 98357236.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nick Kidd

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    Template of Sales Interview Follow Up Email

    To: [Email address of concerned authority]

    Subject: [Write subject of the email]

    [Name of the official]
    [Official’s designation]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

    Dear Sir,

    With deep veneration it is stated that I, [write your name], was interviewed by the human resource panel of [company’s name] on [write date and day] for the position of [position’s name]. It was really a great experience for me and thank you for giving me this opportunity.

    I consider myself perfectly fit for the job as I fulfil all requirements for the sales manager’s job. This great interview made me excited and I really want to serve in your organisation.

    I am quite hopeful that you will give me an opportunity to prove my skills in your company. Please contact me at [phone number] if you want to know more details about me.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]

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