Holiday Application Email

There can be countless reasons for taking a day off from work. Taking a holiday from work needs an employee to follow certain SOP’s (Statement of Purpose) before his/her leave request is accepted. You might have to verbally convey your request to your supervisor or have to write down an email for approval.

Start the opening paragraph of your draft by stating your purpose of the email. Tell your supervisor that you need to take a holiday from work on the particular date.

In the next paragraph, state the purpose of your leave from work. Tell your supervisor whatever the actual reason is for your holiday. If you are suffering from medical issues or have to go for any urgent piece of work or to attend a wedding, mention it clearly in the email. Also provide a backup plan to your supervisor if your absence hinders the operations of your company.

In the last paragraph, you should mention the date when you will resume your duty.


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    Sample of Holiday Application Email


    Dear Mr. Adam,

    I am writing this email to inform you that I will not be able to report on duty for the next 15 days and hence, need you to grant me 15 holidays (5th to 20th of June 2013) from work.

    I am having problems with my ankle for the last few months and my doctor has advised me to undertake a minor surgery to get it fixed. I will have to take at least two weeks of bed rest after the surgery and will not be able to come at work. My assistant, Robin Pierce, can take over the responsibilities in the meanwhile and she will ensure the company’s operations are not disturbed in my absence.

    I shall resume my duties on 21st of June after recovering from health. Kindly hold my request into consideration.


    Charles Jenkins
    Admin Manager

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    Template of Holiday Application Email

    To: [email address of your supervisor]

    Dear Mr./Mrs [name of your supervisor]

    I will not be able to come at work from [dates of the holidays] and request you to grant me leaves for the mentioned days.

    My wife is expecting to give birth to our first child and I have to be at her side through this crucial period of time. I have to remain home all the time until she gives birth to our child and even few days afterwards to take care of her. My assistant will take on the entire responsibility of my work in my absence and I will be in contact with him on phone.

    I will resume my work on [date of return]. Kindly grant me 20 holidays from work so I can take good care of my family.


    [your name]
    [your designation]

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