Nokia Yahoo Mail Settings Overview

Nokia is the most commonly used cellphone company due to its user friendly interface. The manufacturers have introduced new models with time which offer fantastic services in order to make things convenient and easy for the users. Just like Blackberry or iPhone, Nokia handsets also provide Yahoo Mail settings so that users do not have to log in to a computer or look for an internet facility in order to view Yahoo mails. If a Nokia account is available then you can easily use your mailbox from Nokia’s account.

The process is very simple and trouble free. You just have to follow a simple procedure and the settings will be available on your Nokia phone.

First you will have to create your Nokia account. If you are a new user of Nokia, the cell will automatically send you settings in order to set Yahoo Mail on your phone. You just have to follow a few simple instructions.

If you are looking for a way to manually add Nokia mailbox powered by Yahoo mailbox on your phone then follow the steps mentioned below:

First you will have to add a new mailbox. Every Nokia phone has its own specific way to add a mail. You will have to go through the user guide of your phone in order to understand how it can be done on your phone.


  • 1

    When you're trying to add a mailbox, you will be prompted to give a little information and follow a few steps. The information that needs to be added is given below;

    - Enter the mail address of your Ovi.
    - Enter the password of your Nokia Account
    - In the Incoming Mail Server field you will have to add this address
    - In the Outgoing mail server field you will have to enter this address
    - For the Mailbox name type Ovi Mail
    - For the Incoming Security port SSL/TSL you will have to enter 993
    - In the Outgoing security port SSL/TSL you will have to enter 465

    Enter into Email and then New Account.

  • 2

    You will have to click on Next. Now you will have to select a region. Let's select United Kingdom as an example.

  • 3

    Next you will have to pick the service provider.

  • 4

    Scroll down the page and you will be able to view Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Mail Plus and Yahoo UK.;

    - For IMAP access, select Yahoo! Mail,
    - For paid account, Yahoo! Mail Plus should be selected and,
    - For POP access, choose Yahoo UK.

  • 5

    After selection press Done.

  • 6

    Next you will have to enter the details of your account as mentioned below:

    Name: Your Name
    User Name:
    Password: Yahoo account’s password
    Email address:

  • 7

    After entering the information mentioned above, the wizard will create an account and your work is done.

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