Resignation Email to Manager

When writing a resignation email to manager, you need to take care of few things.

In the first paragraph of your email, you need to confirm your manager about your plans of leaving your position at the company on a specified date. You can also mention the date when you will leave the company.

You can then praise the organization and your higher management for providing you any opportunity that you were provided with to excel in your career.

At the end of the email, you can offer best wishes for the company and your higher management, as this will leave a good impression on your employer.


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    Sample Resignation Email to Manager

    Subject: Resignation

    Dear Adam Scott,

    Please take this email as a formal notice of my resignation from the position of Quality Assurance Executive, with effect from August 22, 2013. It was not an easy decision to make, however, I have to move on as it is really important for me to progress in the field of career.

    My experience at Tradebiz Pvt. Ltd. was great and I thank you and the company for providing me learning opportunities throughout my tenure at the company. The training sessions and workshops that I attended really helped me in developing my analytical and problem solving skills.

    As per the company policy, I will continue coming to office for the next two week to complete my notice period. During this time, I will always be available to work on any project or assignment.


    Alex Eisenberg
    Quality Assurance Executive
    Tradebiz Pvt. Ltd.

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    Template for Resignation Email to Manager

    To: [Recipient’s email]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Manager Name],

    After giving a seasoned thought, I would like to pen down my resignation from the position of [Your Designation] at the [Company Name], after I received an offer from another company to work as [Offered Designation].

    I really enjoyed working at [Company Name] for the last [Number of years], however, I believe it is time for me to move on, as I believe that this will greatly help me in achieving my long term career goals.

    As I am bound to provide a notice period of [Notice period] weeks/months, I know that I have to continue working for the [Company Name] till [Date].

    During the transition period, you can ask me to work on any project or assignment, and I will be delighted to give my best to give my services for the last time.

    I wish you and the company best of luck.


    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Company Name]

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