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Most multi-national and local companies receive job applications online. If you have applied for a job at a company via email, it is important for you to send a follow up email after a few days, just to remind the human resource department about your resume.

The language used in the follow up job email should be extremely professional. Be concise, to the point, and business-like, and make sure you do not create the impression that you are desperate for the job.

Having entered the correct email address of the recipient, you should select a catchy but professional subject for the email; if the subject is not clear enough, the HR officer just might send your email to junk.

In the opening paragraph of the email, you should introduce yourself and go on to state when you applied for the job, and which position you applied for.

You may give your personal details in the body of the email, and make sure you mention your notable past achievements and experiences.

Politely thank the recipient in the concluding paragraph of the email, and request an early reply. If you have offers from other companies pending, you may mention these in the last paragraph of the email, as these might prompt the company to reply to you quicker.


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    Sample of Follow Up Job Application Email

    Subject: Follow up of job application

    Dear concerned,

    I applied for the post of Public Relations Officer (PRO) in your company last month. However, I have not received any response as yet.

    I have done my Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Harvard, SC, and have worked with a couple of media organizations in the past. References are available on request.

    Kindly provide me with a response to my application as soon as possible, so that I can take a decision regarding my future.


    Kriss Henry

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    Template of Follow Up Job Application Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Follow up of the job application

    Dear concerned,

    I was asked by your company to send my resume via email for the position of (post that you have applied for). It has been almost four weeks since I have sent the required information, but I have yet to receive a response from your end.

    The experience letter and my academic certificates were attached with the job application email.

    I would like to request a reply to my application as soon as possible, as I have several other offers pending that I need to consider.


    [Your name]

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