Wedding Shower Thank You Email

A wedding shower is a tradition that has been going on for years. The Maid of Honour or one of the bridesmaids typically throws the shower for the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be, with the guests arriving with gifts for the couple.

If you want to thank the guests for attending your wedding shower, then you should send them a thank you email.

While writing a wedding shower thank you email, you should begin with thanking the person for attending your wedding shower.

In the second paragraph, explain why you are so grateful to the person you are writing the email to for showing up at your wedding shower. Thank them for the gift as well.

In the final paragraph, request their presence at your wedding, clearly stating how much it would mean to you.


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    Sample of a Wedding Shower Thank You Email


    Subject: Thank you for attending my wedding shower

    Dear Mary,

    I am writing to you to thank you for attending my wedding shower that took place on 24th of March, 2012. I immensely appreciate your presence at what was one of the most memorable days of my life.

    When I heard that you have been sent a wedding shower invitation by Paula, my Maid of Honour, I was convinced that you will not be able to make it, even though I was wishing otherwise. After all, you are such a busy woman, running a beauty parlour and taking care of three kids. Trapped in such a hectic routine, it seemed next to impossible for you to take out some time to drive all the way from the opposite corner of the city to where I live. However, you still managed to make it to the wedding shower somehow and you came with one of the best gifts that I received on that day. I loved the make-up kit you brought and will definitely be taking it with me to my honeymoon.

    Mary, do not think that you will be allowed to make an excuse to miss my wedding just because you managed to get to my wedding shower. I am requesting you to kindly keep yourself free on my wedding day so that you can see me walk down the aisle and get married to the man of my dreams.

    Your Friend,


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    Template of a Wedding Shower Thank You Email

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Subject: Thank you for attending my wedding shower

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    I am writing to you in regards to the wedding shower that my bridesmaid [Name of bridesmaid] threw for me on [Date]. I want to thank you for taking the time out for me and showing up at the event.

    I understand that you are a busy person, looking after your business and kids, which is why I was immensely surprised and extremely glad to see you at the wedding shower. You really are a dear friend [Name] for showing up. I also want to tell you that I simply loved your gift. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

    I would also request you to please be there at my wedding. I will not accept any kind of excuses from my dearest friend for missing the most important day of my life.

    Your Friend,

    [Your Name]

    [Your Email Address]

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