How to Remove Ads from Hotmail Messenger

Whether its Hotmail messenger or MSN messenger, it’s great way to stay connected to your friends, family or professional connections. But at times these messengers really annoy you, especially when they start showing you the unnecessary ads. But don’t worry you can block all those annoying ads in less than a minute.


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    Removing Adds Using Windows Settings:

    Windows XP:

    Go to the Start menu and then select Control Panel and then select Internet Options. Select the security tab and then click on the Sites under restricted sites. Now add the URL and there will be no ads and it will not be able to bring ads to your messenger any more.

    Windows 7:

    Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and locate file named as hosts. Windows doesn't know which program to use to open this, so select the Notepad from the list of programs and click Ok.

    Come down till the bottom and type the following in the host wp-content/uploads

    Now save and exit and restart the system to let that the changes can be taken place.

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    Remove Ads Using a Freeware Ad Blocker Application:

    If the above manual ways are not working for you then simply download any third party free- to-use utility that you may find on the internet. Here are some of options that you can try:


    OS Supported: Windows Vista/7

    This utility is a simple to use way of customizing your hotmail messenger. It will remove ads from windows live Messenger, Hotmail Messenger and Yahoo messenger. Download and extract wp-content/uploads. Now run the application which is an easy to use wizard but before that don’t forget to exit from Windows Live Messenger. Now select the default options and then you will be routed to the Welcome Window. Here, select Patch messenger from the options given and don’t forget to give the right path of your messenger. Then after following few steps you will be asked to make sure that the application is running on a clean unmodified installation of MSN which means that the Messenger has been closed. Now you can simply remove the ads from the main window.

    Live Advert Remover:

    OS Supported: Windows XP/Vista

    This is another utility to block all the ads from the messenger but it does not work for Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger 2009 and earlier versions. What it does is, it runs a script that blocks all the ads from being displayed and displays its own logo instead.


    OS Supported: Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/ XP

    This is also a free utility that enables you to remove ads from the Hotmail Messenger, but not that wildly use.

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