Post Networking Event Email

When you arrange a meeting and get a group of people or individuals to do something which favours you, you should let your benefactors know that you are optimistic about their support and are planning to keep in touch with them for further help.

The best way to tell people about your networking of an event, which was organized effectively is to write a quick email.

Start the email by using opening salutation. Use name with dear, since you are familiar with the person you are writing to.

The first paragraph of the email should focus on appreciation and gratitude for the people who made the event a success. You should not mention details in the opening paragraph. State why this email is being written and how important the event was for the sender and recipient of the email.

In the second paragraph, you can talk about the details of the event. If the event was a success, state how it will benefit you and if there were some lapses, state how they could have been avoided. If you want to give a heads-up to the recipient, you can mention it in the first paragraph.

Conclude the email by intimating what you intend to do in future and your expectations with the recipient.


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    Sample of Post Networking Event Email

    Ashley Fleming,
    CDT Group

    Subject: Event Appraisal

    Dear Ashley,

    I am writing to tell you about the event that we arranged a week back. I must say that the event was a success in every aspect, and I really appreciate your support and guidance throughout the campaign.

    The event, which was held to spread awareness about the weaknesses of taxation system in online trading, was way better than our expectations as speakers, government officials, and experts did their best to tell people about what can be done to improve taxation on online businesses.

    I hope you enjoyed sharing your views with the audience at the seminar. I will stay in touch with you and inform you soon of our next seminar on the same issue.

    Thanking you,

    Jeffery Jackson,
    Seven Star Traders,
    New York, United States

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    Template of Post Networking Event Email

    (Recipient’s name)
    (Recipient’s designation)
    (Company name)
    (Company address)

    Subject: Event Appraisal

    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    I am writing this email to let you know that the conference which your company helped us arrange last week has worked wonders. I must say that the speakers you arranged really  helped the audience understand how drug use can affect our society.

    The event, which attracted a large number of people from every walk of life, showed statistics how sharply the use of drug has increased in the past few years, and teenagers are the ones suffering the most.

    We are planning another conference on the issue next month and I plan to contact you as soon as we decide on a venue and the date of the event.


    (Sender’s name)
    (Sender’s designation)

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