How to Make a Free Email Newsletter

In order to build search engine traffic we can do a lot of things with our websites and blogs. When you get some visitors, how can you get them to visit again? As a result along with social networking and RSS feeds, you should be providing a newsletter subscription. It does not matter how amazing your site is, a number of people will leave and never even remember to visit again and check your site once more. Emailing readers on a consistent basis will keep your blog in the limelight of places to visit and produce regular fan base.


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    This is a good place to make newsletter and above all else it is completely free. On the other hand, there are options to upgrade and pay for more services, but the free option is a bargain deal for the majority of bloggers. MailChimp lets you to change the look of your sign up page and newsletter while offering free professional templates along the way. Moreover, you can add your own logo image and alter the colours to suit your site.

    MailChimp will you with the process of setting up your newsletter service step by step. After designing the newsletter, you will be provided an HTML code that you can place in your blog, normally the sidebar, to give your readers the option to subscribe. It also provides you a direct link that you can post on your Facebook Fan Page to make the newsletter service accessible to your followers. However there is a drawback that you will need to give your address in the newsletter.

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    It is hard to understand, but is one of the key RSS Feed services that let your viewers to stay updated with the happenings of your blog. Readers can choose to follow by email, provided that you give the setup option. FeedBurner will automatically send an email to the subscribers once a day every time you post something. This is good for someone who likes being able to set it and then forget about it.

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    Google Friend Connect

    If you are a Blogger user or Blogspot, then you may see that Google Friend Connect is very effective to get followers for your blog. Furthermore, you can also make newsletter and send them to your Google Friend Connect followers. However, you need to set up the service. Then all the recent subscribers will have the option to become a part of your newsletter service.

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