How to Backup Yahoo Messenger Archive

Usually people prefer keeping their conversation logs saved with them so that in future they can keep a track of the entire discussion they had with a friend or a business colleague.  You can lose your Yahoo messenger’s back up file if you uninstall your messenger or format your windows.

There are two ways by which you can save the entire data, either copy paste them on a word file and email them to yourself, or transfer them in a USB device. You can also copy the data on a disk.

Saving your chat history is not at all a tough task but saving the conversation log of each Yahoo friend is no doubt a tough procedure.

In case you wish to drag the folder in such a location where you can easily access it then that can also be done by copy pasting the folder.

There are several ways by which you can back up your Yahoo Messenger’s message archive, but usually people are not even aware that from where they can get the required data. The guide given in this article will definitely help you from not losing your necessary data.


  • 1

    If your Yahoo Messenger is currently running close it.

  • 2

    Drag your cursor towards the start button and double click on My Computer.

  • 3

    Enter into the C drive and double click on the Program File’s folder.

  • 4

    A file by the name of Yahoo will be present there open it.

  • 5

    Double click on the Messenger icon and open the Prowp-content/uploads.

  • 6

    The Profile folder basically contains the complete Message Archive.

  • 7

    If you are intending to transfer the logs on a CD or a USB, then drag the icon of Profile onto the CD or Flash drive’s folder.

  • 8

    The other method is to copy past the entire archive on a word file, and email the word file on your personal id.

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