Scholarship Application Email

Universities all over the world offer a number of scholarship programs every year. These scholarship programs are aimed at helping student meet the expenses that they have to bear during the course of their studies. You would have to write a scholarship application email if you are planning to get a scholarship.

Start the email by stating the purpose of the email. In the next paragraph, show prove your eligibility and write a few lines telling how badly you want to join the university. Conclude the email positively by hoping that you will get be awarded the scholarship.


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    Sample of Scholarship Application Email


    Mr. Jack Anderson


    ABC University

    Respected Sir,

    I am writing this email about various scholarship programs being offered at ABC University. I intend to apply for an MSE scholarship program that was initiated. I came across the news in the newsletter published by the university.

    Since my days in high school, I have been planning to join an institution as prestigious as ABC University. It came to my knowledge that your institute is offering forty percent scholarship for candidates planning to get admission in the MSE program, provided that the candidate has at least one year of work experience in the relevant field.

    Since I hold more than one year of work experience in a relevant field, I want to apply for the scholarship program. Soft copies of the required documents have been attached as well. It would be a great favour if I am granted the scholarship.

    With regards,

    Frank Carter

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    Template of Scholarship Application Email

    To: [Recipient’s Email]

    [Recipients name along with appropriate title]

    [Designation at the university]

    [Name of the university]

    The reason I am writing this email is to bring into your account that I want to apply for the [Scholarship program name] being offered at [Name of the university].

    It has been my dream since college to continue my studies at [Name of the university]. Through the university newsletter, I came to know that [Scholarship program name] was initiated at your institute for eligible candidates.

    I would like to bring into your notice that I meet the required criteria. I am attaching scanned copies of all the documents which are required for the [Scholarship program name]. It would be a great favour if you grant me the scholarship.

    It have always planned to continue

    Best regards,

    [Your name]

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