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Banks perform an important function in society and if there is a problem with their performance, it can be quite a mess. In case you have experienced any issues, it is best that you make the related authorities aware of it right away. This can save you from a lot of problems further down the road.

When you start the email, let them know the details of the event along with the date and time. Make sure that you add all the related details that can be important.

In the next paragraph, let the management know about the level of inconvenience that you had to face due to the event and also shed some light on the relationship that you have with the bank.

In the closing paragraph, express hope that the complaint will be resolved at the earliest.


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    Sample of Bank Complaint Email:

    Subject: ATM Cash Lost to Machine

    Dear Mr. Albert,

    My name is Jeremy Hart and I lost $200 to the ATM machine on May 12th, 2013 at 1.13 PM when I was withdrawing the amount from your facility located on Veirs Mill Road. I did the process as always and once the machine processed the transaction, the amount partially came out of the ATM and was then pulled back.

    I have contacted the branch but they are not being helpful. The amount is important to me since I need to pay for my books for the upcoming college semester. I have been a client of your bank for three years and expect better service than what I am receiving.

    I hope that the issue will be quickly resolved and I can get on with my studies. I will be looking forward to your prompt response with a solution.


    Jeremy Hart

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    Template of Bank Complaint Email:

    Subject: Bounced Check

    Dear [Name of Concerned Person],

    I am [your name] and I recently paid my landlord via check issued by your bank. My account had more than the required $1500 in the account that was needed to pay the rent last week. However, due to some error at your end, the check bounced and now I am dealing with a landlord who takes me for a cheat.

    I have been to your related branch but the manager was not as forthcoming on the issue and appeared to be using delaying tactics to cover the bank’s mistake which is quite unfortunate. I expect that the issue is resolved at the earliest and all necessary steps should be taken to undo the trouble I have gone through.

    I will be looking forward to your prompt response with this matter corrected.


    [Name of Sender]

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