Event Follow Up Thank You Email

There are times where you attend an event and cannot help appreciating the efforts put in by the organizers. Business correspondence involves thank you letters and if you are assigned to write an event thank you letter, you can follow these guidelines.

Start the email with an opening salutation like Dear sir/madam/name. If you know whom you are writing to, you can mention the name. If you do not know the name, using Dear sir will work.

The first paragraph of the email should focus on organizers of the event. You can start by thanking the organizers and appreciating their dedication and efforts. Do not drag the details of the event in the opening paragraph. Keep it as short and attention-grabbing as possible.

In the following paragraph, you can talk about the event itself, telling how good it was to attend the event/party/seminar/presentation. Normally, organizations like to outsource their event arrangements to companies that are into event management, so it becomes important to appreciate the organizers’ efforts and service. If you like a particular service given by the organizers, mention it. The positive points that make the events better should be included in the second paragraph.

Conclude the email by expressing your appreciation once again. Use close salutations like sincerely, regards, thanking you, etc.


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    Sample Event Follow Up Thank You Email

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this email on behalf of my company, Shamrock Technologies, to thank you for arranging our last sales conference. All the directors and managers have appreciated you for your services and much of the credit goes to your technical staff.

    The sales conference, which is held every year, is graced by renowned businessmen from the across the country, and it was very important for us to conduct an event that wins everyone’s heart. The event went without any trouble and all the arrangements were good - refreshment, sound system, stage setting, seating arrangement made the guests feel at home.

    I will thank you once again and will be staying in touch with you.


    Brad Smith,
    Assistant Manager HR,
    Shamrock Technologies

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    Template of Event Follow Up Thank You Email

    Dear (recipient name/sir),

    I am writing this email to thank you for the last event you arranged for our company. I must say that the event was better than our expectations and our CEO is pretty happy with your services.

    The seminar, which saw the presence of a large number of traders and general public, could not have been arranged without your special efforts. Your technical staff is amazing and important of all, your charges are still lower than your competitors.

    I will express my thanks once more for making our event wonderful and one to remember.


    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    (Company name)

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