Funny Love Email

Humour plays an important part in human relationships, and in order to avoid dullness, it is extremely important to make your partner laugh every now and then. Fun and humour can go a long way in helping you deepen your bond with your partner. However, making someone laugh through your writing is a very difficult thing, which requires a great deal of imagination and creativity.

To make the other person laugh, you must know where to place the punch line. It is also important to avoid difficult verbiage, and you should stick to simple language.

In the opening paragraph of the email, you must pleasantly express your love for the other person, and let him/her know how important s/he is for you. Keep in mind that you must establish a positive and energetic tone from the start.

Most of the humour should be in the body of the email. It is important to know about the sense of humour which the other person possesses, so you can make him/her laugh more effectively. You may tease your partner by using different tactics – however, make sure you do not go overboard, or you may irritate him/her.

You need to bring the humorous element in the letter down a notch by the time you reach the concluding paragraph of the email. Try ending on a subtly romantic note – this will make sure that your partner signs out of his/her email account with a smile on his/her face.


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    Sample of Love Email

    Subject: Hey darling!
    My Sweetheart,

    I normally express myself in a more traditional way, but today I want to tell you about the more different and slightly unexpected reasons why I love you so much.

    I love the way you leave the cap off the toothpaste tube, leaving me to try (often in vain) to find it afterwards. I also love the way you unconsciously hit me while we are sleeping.

    I am at work right now, but be prepared to listen to more reasons when I come back home this evening.

    I miss you.

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    Template of Love Email

    To: [email address of your lover]
    Subject: [something romantic or funny]

    Whenever I think about you, a smile comes to my face naturally and I feel a profound sense of inner happiness, which is proof of how I love you the most in this world. Last night we had great fun at the beach party, and I think we should go there next weekend too.

    You made me laugh like crazy last night, and you may not believe it but I still find it hard to control my laughter. One thing is for sure - one loses his/her senses when in love.

    Let me know when you get free from work today, because I plan to meet you in the evening so we can have a cup of coffee together.

    Yours only,

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