How to Check Yahoo Messenger Status

Yahoo Messenger is the most admired instant messenger. This all-in-one communication tool allows you to exchange messages, files and photos with your contacts. Like in any other messenger, you can view the availability status of your contacts on Yahoo messenger too. This helps you in knowing who is available for interaction, though you are allowed to send an instant message even if any of your friend is offline. But if a contact is online but he or she is appearing offline or invisible, then you can find out the real status as well.

Do not get alarmed the procedure is not illegal! You will just figure out the actual status. The best thing about the procedure is that you can also check the status of Yahoo email addresses that are not added in your contact list.

The procedure explained in these step will help you in finding the status of those contacts that are online as well as invisible.


  • 1

    - First make sure you are logged in to your Yahoo Messenger.

    - Go to Yahoo Prowp-content/uploads directory and verify the target user profile.

    - For instance if you are planning to check the status of, you will have to suffix abc to the URL http://prowp-content/

    - The URL will become http://prowp-content/

    - Open your browser, and type this URL in the address bar and hit the enter key. You will be able see the actual status of abc.

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    The other easy way to find out the status on Yahoo Messenger is to take help form various sites, which will only ask you to enter the email address and they will display the genuine status.

    - A few sites are mentioned below:

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    - The third method is to install a plug-in from the link given below

    - Unzip the folder and click on Action. Later on you will have to Load test plug-in in your Yahoo messenger’s window and you will view the status.

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