How to Search Emails on Yahoo Mail

Many times it may happen that it becomes difficult to find out specific read email from the inbox. Usually, we read something in any email message, but we have no idea which message it was, or where we can find it. This has become a hectic situation that we have to read an important email in time and we cannot find it, luckily, Yahoo Mail offers a prevailing search engine which includes that you can utilize to search for emails. If you are going through this awkward situation here are some guide lines for how to search emails on Yahoo Mail for your ease.


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    To find out mail in Yahoo Mail:

    1. First of all type your query in the search box which is located at the top.

    a. You can search for an exact phrase which is enclosed by the quotation marks. For example type “job vacancy”. This will give you the list of all those massages which contain the phrase job vacancy.

    2. Press ‘enter’ or click ‘search mail’.

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    Yahoo Mail search operators:

    You can also continue your search terms by using special operators which will search only in specific fields not all across the emails content and headers.

    From: with the help of ‘from’ operator you can search for email addresses and names. For example you can write “from:John” (quotation marks are not included) to find all the massages from John.

    a. You can also search for a full name by enclosing it with quotes 'from:"John Anderson"' (including the inner quotation marks only).

    Subject: you can also avail the subject option to search your desired email.

    a. To find out the emails that have ‘email’ in the Subject: line you can type “subject:email” (quotation marks are not included).

    b. To search emails with the phrase ‘about email’ in the Subject: line, you can put 'subject:"about email"' inner quotation marks are included).

    c. If you want to search two phrases in the subject line, utilize two ‘subject:’ operator for example ‘subject:about subject:email”.

    to:, cc:, bcc: you can avail Cc: and Bcc: fields in a manner analogous to the To: field above for email recipients.

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