How to Set Pop3 and SMTP for Hotmail

Are you looking for an appropriate way to manage Hotmail account? Then that can only be done by using an email app. For this you will have to set up the POP 3 or SMTP server. Besides that the port settings in the email are also required.

Initially this support was available for only those users who had a paid version of Windows Live Hotmail Plus. But now Microsoft Hotmail has introduced this service for free. After setting up POP 3 and SMTP you will be able to access Hotmail by using desktop email clients. Without accessing the web browser you will be able to acquire an entry into your Hotmail mailbox. Besides viewing the messages you will be able to send an appropriate reply as well.

In order to set up a POP 3 and SMTP for your Hotmail account follow the guide stated below:


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    The procedure mentioned in this article will allow you to access Hotmail inbox through desktop email software.

    You will have to create a new account and then type the information mentioned below:

    - In the Incoming POP3 server field type:
    - In the Incoming Server POP Port field type: 995
    - Incoming Server POP SSL Encryption Checkbox: you will have to check this box.

  • 2

    For the outgoing server type the data as stated below:

    - In the Outgoing Server (SMTP Server) field type:
    - In the Outgoing Server SMTP Port field type: 25
    - Outgoing Server Authentication checkbox: check this box

  • 3

    Check the Outgoing Server TLS or SSL Secure Encrypted Connection checkbox.

  • 4

    In the field of username you will have to type your Hotmail email address.

  • 5

    In the field of Password type Hotmail email address’ password.

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    Now you are able to access your Hotmail account through desktop email software.

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    If you want to set up Hotmail on your Mac or Windows PC, you must follow detailed guidelines for Hotmail setting on Mac and Outlook Express Setting for Hotmail using IMAP and POP3.

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    In order to have Hotmail on your mobiles and handheld devices guides to set up Hotmail on Nokia, Hotmail setup for Symbian, Android Hotmail Setting and Hotmail setting for iPhone will assist you in establishing the correct IMAP and POP3 connections.

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    You can also access Hotmail on Gmail , Yahoo and other web services using same settings.

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