How to Report Problems with Yahoo Email

Though the chances of problems occurring on Yahoo are less but if, by any chance, you have any ambiguity or you are facing any issue, then there are several ways to report your problem and find an appropriate answer for the issue. Usually answers to several questions are already available on or but if your desired question does not have any answer available on any of the sites mentioned above then you can also report your problem by sending an email to Yahoo’s officials. Like other web email service providers, Yahoo also offers several ways to get touch with the customer suppoert staff and report an issue. Besides email or posting your query on the sites pointed out earlier, you can also make a call on the numbers mentioned below:


Make sure you call between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.


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    The procedure explained in this article will help you in finding a way out of the hassle through an email.

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    Log into your Yahoo account or any other account and click on the option from where you can create a new message.

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    Type in your problem in detail; do not prolong your issue and clearly explain what ever error or problem you are facing.

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    Avoid irrelevant discussion because the experts sitting on the other end have to deal with several issues of millions of Yahoo users.

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    The best idea would be to bold your problem so that the customer support staff can directly jump to it.

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    After completing your mail, mention your name in the end.

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    Type the subject of the mail; the subject can be the title of the problem you are reporting.

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    In the end you will have to type the address of the sender. You can send your mail on any of the addresses mentioned below:


    Read the mail again before you click the Send tab.

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