Informal Networking Email

Networking is very important for your work and personal life.

When you associate yourself with others and get benefit from mutual objectives, it becomes necessary to show to your benefactors (people in your network) that you care for them too. This can be effectively done throough an informal networking email.

Start the email by creating a subject line. Your subject could be anything and depends on the message of the email.

Use salutation and remember that an ‘informal’ networking email should not sound formal. If you are writing to a friend, you can use his/her name —  no need to put Mr. or Ms. before the name. However, you should use Dear before it. If you are sending an invitation to your customers or clients, you can use Dear Client/Customer.

The first paragraph should state why you are writing the email. The basic information about yourself, if the recipient(s) of the email is not familiar with you, can be included in the opening paragraph. Informal emails do not follow guidelines of letter writing, you can start as you like, but the start of the email should clarify what the message is all about.

Talk in detail about why you are writing this email. Your subject matter can be anything, from an invitation to an event to a party at a friend’s home. The important thing to remember is that you should not forget to mention the details in order to keep the reader(s) engaged.

Conclude the letter by intimating what you expect out of the recipient and thank him/her.


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    Sample of Informal Networking Email


    Subject: Join our party

    Dear Adam,

    I and my friends are going to have a party at my cousin’s home and I expect you to be there. The party is being arranged to congratulate my cousin for his job. You and my cousin have been good friends for the past many years, and I am sure your presence at the party will make the event more memorable for him.

    I will be keeping in touch with you till I get all the arrangements done. Feel free to bring along any friend or a family member, as we plan to hold the party on a large scale.

    I will thank you in advance and hope that you will be there before six in the evening.


    Shane Carter

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    Template of Informal Networking Email

    To: (Recipient’s email address)


    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    I am interested in talking to you about your latest project, (project name), and about arranging a seminar with the help of your team and department. After finishing college last year, my own software engineering career started at (company name). Most recently, I've been involved in creating some state-of-the-art software for stock brokers.

    Moreover, I also want you to help me find new sources of income. I am planning to go for new career opportunities and your meaningful advice can help me make the best decision.

    I will contact you in person soon and will discuss my options. Thanking you in advance.


    (Sender's name)

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