Customer Complaint Email

There might be many chances when you purchase something online or from a store but later you find out some sort of faults in it. You better inform the manufacturer or the retailer about the dissatisfaction you have experienced after buying their product. You can always compose an email to register your complaint to the manufacturer.

Begin the opening paragraph of your email with telling the manufacturer which of his/her product you have bought or what services you had acquired from him/her in the recent past.

Explain the actual problem to the recipient and provide him all the details. You can also suggest some possible solutions to the problem, including replacement or repairs. If you are complaining about any services you acquired from a professional, ask him to re-perform his/her work.

Conclude your email’s last paragraph by urging the recipient to act promptly to your email and update you on this matter at the earliest.


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    Sample of Customer Complaint Email


    Dear Mr. Stevens,

    I regret to inform you that i purchased a washing machine from the Electronics Store in Miami, Florida, last week but after using it for a couple of times, I have discovered a major flaw in it. I am writing this email to register my complaint officially and asking you to take necessary actions on this problem.

    The problem occurs when I put water in the machine, it keeps on leaking out at the back side of the machine. It can be very dangerous, as this cause the floor to become slippery and this can also result in a possible short circuit at the back of the machine. It appears as if the compartment of the washing machine is having a major leakage in it and it can only be replaced with a new one.

    I request you to act promptly in this matter and replace the faulty washing machine with the new one at your earliest.


    Kevin Andrews

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    Template of Customer Complaint Email

    To:[email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs [name of the recipient]

    I hired your services for installing the drywalls in two of my rooms last week. Apparently you performed your task very well but i have recently discovered some serious issues with those walls.

    Some of the tiles in the drywalls you installed are having small cracks at the edges. Although these creeks are very small at the moment, they will surely grow wider in future and can damage the entire wall. I would like you to come to my house and replace those faulty tiles with new ones.

    I hope you will take out time for me and resolve this issue at your earliest.

    [your name]
    [your address and telephone number]

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