How To Recover Hotmail Password

It is very hard to manage so many accounts and their passwords and it’s just a matter of time when you can’t seem to remember which password was for which account. Rather than randomly going for guesses and risk blocking your account, you can easily recover your forgotten password. It is very important to keep your passwords secure as you do not want unauthorized access to your personal or professional information. If you do happen to lose or forget your passwords then don’t worry as Hotmail allows its users to retrieve their password by going through a few simple steps.


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    Make sure that your laptop or desktop computer is on and that the operating system has fully loaded. Find your internet browser icon and click on it. Once your internet browser opens then go to the Hotmail page, click on “Can’t access your account?” link under the password bar.

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    You will be taken to a new page. Select “I forgot my password” option and click the “Reset your password” link.

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    You will be required to enter your Windows Live ID. Enter the captcha code below. Click Next.

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    You can use a secondary email to get your  password or answer a security question. It is always a good idea to have your security question and answer written down somewhere secure so that you can refer to it in this type of situation.

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    Upon successful verification, you will be allowed to make a new password. Make sure that you note down this new password and keep it safe.

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    In case you are not able to recover your password through the two options given above, you can contact the Hotmail customer support for assistance. Be sure to let them know that you are facing issues and they should be able to help you out.

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    If you face any issues then you can always check the 'Help' section in Hotmail for some further assistance. However, if you still face some difficulties then go online and check some of the many forums and websites that offer solutions to various issues with Hotmail. Make sure you take your time and go over all the posts as you will probably find that your issue has been previously resolved. Try the steps out and if you are still stuck then it might be a good idea to post your own query on the forum to get help from expert users.

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