Thank You for Business Email

When your company does business with another company or an individual running a business, it becomes necessary to express thanks for the cooperation you received. A nice way for an organization to express gratitude for the favour is to write a thank you business email.

The first step to writing a thank you business email is to mention the name, designation, and company address of the sender. After the sender’s details, you can then mention the name and designation of the person you are writing to.

Use opening salutation. Since you are writing to someone representing the company which did you a favour, use their name. You can also use Dear Sir, if you do not know the name of the person you are writing to.

In the first paragraph, thank the company or the person who has benefitted you. The opening paragraph should focus on why the email was written. Do not mention other details in the first few lines.

In the second paragraph, you can talk a little about what actually made you happy and express your hope for the future relationships. If you have something important to inform, mention it in this paragraph.

Conclude the letter by thanking onve again and express hope to get the same response in future endeavours. Use closing salutations at the end of the email.


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    Template for Thank You for Business Email


    Reed Stephen,

    Sales Director,

    New Tech Era,

    New York, NY 10023


    Richard Filan,

    Sales Director,

    ABC Tech,

    New York, NY 10221

    Dear Richard,

    I am writing this email to thank you for the contract of sale you have made with New Tech Era. I am sure that we both will benefit greatly from this opportunity.

    When we first contacted you a month ago in hope of singing this contract, there was a bit of skepticism at our end as we had not done our market research on your retail network. Now, we are more confident than before as your network is wide and caters to a large number of people in the country.

    I will thank you once again and am looking forward to our first shipment that will take place next month.

    Best Regards

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    Sample for Thank You for Business Email


    (Sender name)

    (Sender designation)

    (Company name)

    (Company address)


    (Recipient name)

    (Recipient designation)

    (Company name)

    (Company address)

    Dear ___________,

    I am writing on behalf of our company (put the company name here) to thank you for approving our project. I must say that all the directors  and CEO of the company are happy and have expressed their interest in doing business with you in future.

    The project, which entailed several complications and challenges was completed on time. Best of all, the technical work was done without any interruption and flaws. I thank you for your support during the project.

    I will be keeping in touch with you as we have to work on two more projects this year.

    Best Regards

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