Application Acknowledgement Email

If you are a member of the hiring team at an organisation, you would find the need of writing an application acknowledgement email at some point in time. It is a simple task does not require any proficient skills.

Start the email by acknowledging the application. Mention the date on which the application was received.

In the next paragraph, explain the hiring procedure of your company and time required to process a job application. Advise the candidate to reply to emails from your company as soon as possible and then conclude the email with your regards.


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    Sample of Application Acknowledgement Email


    Subject: Acknowledgement of your application

    Respected Mr. Smith,

    I am writing this email in order to inform you that you application for the post of Senior Executive, Finance Department at ABC Enterprises Limited was received on May 9, 2013. Please consider your resume and other attached documents received.

    The Human Resource Department at ABC Enterprises Limited is currently in the process of reviewing all the received applications. Based on the findings of our Human Resource Department, candidates will be shortlisted and then contacted for an interview. This process may take about 4 weeks. Until that time, we may contact you for further information if necessary. So please reply to any emails that you receive from ABC Enterprises Limited as soon as possible. This will help us speed up the evaluation process.

    You will be contacted for interview only if you are found to be a suitable match. I would like to thank you on behalf of ABC Enterprises Limited for your interest in working with us.


    Justin Edwards
    Assistant Manager, HR Department
    ABC Enterprises Limited

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    Template of Application Acknowledgment Email

    To: [Recipient’s email address]

    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Recipient’s last name with title],

    This email is regarding the application you sent to [Name of the company] for the designation of [Designation along with the relevant department]. I would like to inform you that you application was received on [Date] along with you resume and all attached documents.

    Your application has been forwarded to Human Resource Department at [Name of the company]. It will be scrutinised by our hiring team along with all the other applications that were received. The process would take about [Number of Days or Weeks]. During this time, you may be contacted for further information if deemed necessary.

    An official from [Name of the company] will contact you in order to schedule an interview if your name is shortlisted in the resume evaluation process.

    Thank you for your interest in working at [Name of the company].


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]
    [Name of the company]

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