How to Change Hotmail Language

Though Hotmail is a vast web application introduced in America, still it provides equal amount of priority to all the users no matter in which corner of world they live. This can be proved by the variety of languages in which they have allowed their customers to use their web based email service.  The option of selecting a language interface of your choice will help you in conveniently making use of the Hotmail web service. Hotmail service providers have given a choice of 30 languages, you can easily select a lingo of your choice and use the Hotmail email service.


  • 1

    Log into your Hotmail account, through the Hotmail Homepage and type your email address along with your password in order to sign in.

  • 2

    When you are signed in to your account, click on the Inbox tab which can be seen on the top left side.

  • 3

    Now a new page will reopen, click the ‘Option’ tab on the top left side of the page.

  • 4

    A drop down menu will appear select the ‘More Option’.

  • 5

    A page which will open up on your screen with several options, drag your cursor towards the ‘Customizing Hotmail’ option which is on the right side of the page.

  • 6

    Click on the ‘Language’ option.

  • 7

    A new page will load with a list of languages. Select any of your choice from the list.

  • 8

    After clicking the language you wish to choose click the ‘Save’ tab. After saving your new changes the page will return to your previous page with the new language you have selected.

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