How To Convert Gmail to PDF

Google allows users of gmail to save important files into PDF format for future reference. If you are gmail user you do not need to access and download an outside software or application, you can directly convert gmail to PDF format and save it. There are a number of third-party applications available online, and you can download and use them, but some of them are not safe at all can cause problems in the process of converting and saving your required document. So it is the best for you to use the option of converting an email to PDF format from the google, as it safe and easier to access. It allows you to complete the file conversion process with a delicate ease. You can follow instructions available online, especially if you are using this option for the first time, but you do not need any particular expertise to perform this function.


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    How to Start

    Start is very simple and easy. You have just log into your gmail account with your user ID and password to access your inbox. Once you have accessed your inbox, simply open the email or document you want to save and convert into the PDF

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    Explore Setting Option

    Once you in your Inbox and have opened the document you want to save, press on the setting button to explore file saving option. Have proper view of all available options if you are using the file saving process/option for the first time.

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    Creat a Document

    From setting options click Lab and then press the enable button to create a document you want to save. Once you create a document you want scroll down to the bottom of the page in the document.

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    Convert File

    After you have created a document save the changes and convert the file to PDF, and then save changes. It is a simple process but follow instruction as first create a document, convert the file and then save changes. Before saving changes make sure that file conversion process is completed.

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    Create Document from Print Section

    After reaching back into your Inbox, click the mail or message document you want to save as PDF file. Then in new window button at the top right of your document, just next to the 'Print' button. Again, you will have to create a document at top of the window that opens in front of you.

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    Downloading of Saved File to Computer

    The last step in the process is to download the file you have converted from 'File Download As' to your computer. Before doing it you will require to select 'PDF' mode to safe your file as and then download and save the document on your pc, and the file conversion process is completed. Your document is saved for your future use, and you can access in the PDF format anytime you want in the future.

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