Sales Introduction Email

The best way to find new customers is to write a sales introduction letter or an email.

The first step to writing a sales introduction email is to create an attention-grabbing headline. The headline of your email is not the subject – it is a slogan or a promise that you make to your readers. The headline should attract the readers and lure them into reading the entire sales letter. The headline should be able to answer questions that may come to customers’ mind, and most important of all, it should explain why your product is worth spending money on.

Begin the email with salutations like ‘Dear reader’. If you are familiar with the person you are writing the email to, you should mention their name.

In the first paragraph, talk about your product or service. The opening words usually explain what your company does and what products are being offered.

The second paragraph should focus on explaining the features of the product. You should be able to distinguish your product from the others.

It is time to make your readers take some action. A product without a promise is meaningless and readers usually do not pay attention to the sales letter if they see there is nothing special in it for them. So offer something, whether it is a free sample or a buy-one-get-one-free package.


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    Sample Sales Introduction Email

    Get rid of bugs with our safer pest-control plan

    Dear reader,

    We at Star Pest Killer would like to introduce to you our safe yet effective pest control methods. We have introduced safer pest-control methods that are green and make your home, office free of bugs, rodents, roaches, and other insects.

    Unlike any other pest control service, we take a different approach to making your house pest-free. We start the process by cleaning up the entire place (office, factory, garage, house, etc.), and shutting pests out. The final step is to starve pests to death and make your place a no-go area for them.

    You must have noticed that most of the pest repellents (medicines, sprays and traps) do not work permanently and the problem returns after a few months. We at Star Pest Killer do not rely too much on pest-control products as they can be equally hazardous to humans. We use natural techniques to make your place pest-free.

    We do not give a one-off service as you know pests keep coming back from time to time. Become our member and enjoy our services throughout the year.

    Visit our website for details.


    Glenn Stewart,
    Sales Manager,
    Star Pest Killer

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    Template of Sales Introduction Email


    Dear __________,

    We at (Put your company name here) would like to introduce you to the benefits of our latest “free home delivery service”. The company deals in daily-use items and home appliances, which you can now buy with a click of your computer mouse or a quick phone call.

    Whether it is a vacuum cleaner or a laptop, you can get your hands on a variety of products and best of all, you do not have to pay for delivery charges at all. In order to make things viable for both of us, we have introduced a plan that allows you to buy a certain quantity and enjoy free home delivery.

    You will be amazed at the speed of our delivery service. Avoid rush hours, traffic jams and a hectic shopping day, as you can now buy things from your area store while sitting at home.

    Visit our website ______________ or call ___________________. We will be on our way to your place right away.

    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    (Company name)

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