How to Send an Email from Word Document

If you are working on a Microsoft Word document file and plan to send its contents by email without opening your email account, then you can just use the “Send to Mail Recipient” in MS Office 2010, and “Mail Recipient” in MS Office 2003 and 2002 for that purpose. You do not need to open your MS Outlook or any other online application. In fact, you can do it directly through MS Word, which will use your Outlook settings to send the email. The 2002 and 2003 versions of MS Office XP contain the Mail Recipient feature available on the Quick Access Toolbar. In case of MS Office 2007 and 2010, you have to enable the option, in order to send the email directly from MS Word.


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    Adding Send to Mail Recipient feature to QAT in MS Office 2010

    Drop down the File menu and click on ‘Options’. On the new window that appeared, click on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’. Now, under the Choose commands from list, click on the ‘All Commands’, which will make all the commands appear in front of you. Look for the ‘Send to Mail Recipient’ and add it to QAT. Click on ‘OK’ and the’ Send to Mail Recipient’ tab will now appear on the MS Word’s QAT.

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    Adding Send to Mail Recipient feature to QAT in MS Office 2007

    The process of adding Send to Mail Recipient feature to QAT in MS Office 2007 is almost same as in MS Office 2010. The difference lies in names and appearance of the tabs. Click on the left upper corner, on the Microsoft Office Button and you will see a list appearing. Click the ‘Word Options’. Now, click on the ‘Customize’ button. The rest of the process remains the same, where you click on All Commands from the Choose commands list and so on.

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    MS Word 2002 and 2003

    To send the email directly from the MS Word 2002 or 2003, click on the file menu and move the cursor to the ‘Sent To option’. A new menu will appear where you can click on the ‘Mail Recipient’. This will send the MS Word document as the body of the email. If you want to send the Word file as an attachment, then you should click on the Mail Recipient (as attachment). If you see ‘Choose Profile’ option appearing in front of you, then you can choose the profile of your choice, such as from MS Outlook. The rest of the process will be the same, as in sending email from outlook or any other email application.

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