Business Expansion Email

There comes a time when you feel a need to expand your business and you can achieve success if you keep on working hard and make the right choices at the right time. The ease of emailing has ended any lingering anxieties of the people who want to remain ignorant of the situation.

In the opening paragraph of the email, tell all the details (type of the business including the office address) to the concerned department whom you want to tell and clarify the situation.

In the body of the email, try to tell why the company has decided to expand its business and state any possible reason that helped the organization flourish during certain period.

End the email by a professional salutation including your name, signature, designation and company name and address.


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    Sample for Business expansion email

    Subject: Business expansion email

    Respected concerns,

    We are delighted to tell you that the senior management of Dreamland hotels located at Bayonne, New Jersey 07080, has decided to expand their respective business in two major cities of the United States of America courtesy to the successful business of the hotel.

    We hereby confirm that the company earned record profit following their exceptional services during the last year. The company is interested in expanding their services at Mark Ave, South Plain Field, California 6540 and St. Etienne Road, Jumbo Jet Ave, Pennsylvania 3455.

    We may relocate some of the permanent employees of the organization upon request. We want to thank all the employees that made it possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Albert Einstein,
    Manager Human Resources,
    Dreamland Hotel,

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    Template for Business expansion email

    To: (Email address)
    Subject: Business expansion email

    Respected concerns,

    It is to confirm you that (name of the company) located at (address along with state postal code) are willing to expand their business in (number of places) in (country name) after making decent repute among other chain of hotels.

    The (name of the company) is doing well since it started in (year). The company has selected (address of the place) and (address of the place) after careful reviewing and making a business plan and policies for a possible business at these locations.

    The expansion has been possible due to phenomenal work rate by all employees. We thank you all for making remarkable effort in taking the company to another level.

    Thanks and Regards,

    (Your name),
    (Department name),
    (Company name),

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