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Looking for a good opportunity in every field determines how passionate you are to grow towards excellence. In today’s ever changing financial scenario, you should always seek good opportunities for further growth. Not only just growth on one end but making money with those new opportunities will certainly give you more confidence to achieve goals.

In order to seek good business opportunities, the correspondence between two parties is very important. There can be different business opportunities that you need to identify and handle in a particular way. Writing a business opportunity email is the best way to understand and convey your message.

In the beginning, you should make sure that all the addresses of recipients are correct. Start with the main purpose of the email and explain your interest.

In the second paragraph, all the important information must be addressed. Do not drag the conversation with irrelevant details and get to the point as to when you will be finalising the project.

In the end, show gratitude and hope for cooperation. Conclude the email with the appropriate closing sentences.


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    Sample of Business Opportunity Email

    Subject: Business Opportunity Email

    Dear Mr. Roberts,

    This is with reference to your letter dated 27th March, 2012.
    We are delighted to have you as our new business partner. On behalf of our company, I assure you of all the assistance you had asked for in the above mentioned mail.

    Our offer is still open for you to start a new business unit in London. If you may please recollect the point I stressed about the absence of a cosmetic distributor in London.

    I do agree with you when you say our sales will almost double in a time frame of 2 months of opening the store.

    Please send us your instructions so that we can make the initiation at our end. Please contact me, if you have any query.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Ian Irons
    Area Manager, Cosmetic Supreme Agency.
    (109) 636 – 7012

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    Template of Business Opportunity Email

    To: [Recipient's Email Address]
    Subject: Business Opportunity Email

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    We are pleased to offer you [give details of offer] in our [company name].
    After receiving your email regarding potential chances in our company, we would like to meet you in person.

    Our offer is still open for your business partner as well.

    Please send us [documents required] by [date and time]. Please contact me, if you have any query.

    Thank You.

    Yours faithfully,

    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Designation]
    [Sender’s Phone Number]
    [Sender’s Email]

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