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Apart from physically dropping your resume in a company, you can also apply online by sending your resume to the human resource department of that organization. Just like other fields, a sales resume email requires a different pattern to attract the attention of the recipient.

You should attach your resume and previous job experiences with the email. The language used in the email should be professional and formal, avoiding any kind of slang. It is important to proof read the email at least twice, just to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, which can leave a bad impression on the recipient. The subject of the email should also be appropriate.

In the introductory paragraph of the email, you should clearly mention the sales post you want to apply for. In case you have a reference, you can state it in the opening paragraph.

Express your credentials for the post in the second, third or the fourth paragraph of the email, which should also include your past experiences, if any.

In the concluding paragraph, you should thank the recipient for considering you and mention that you are expecting a quick response. Apart from the resume, you should write your contact information at the end of the email as well, just in case the company wants your address and telephone number.


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    Sample of Sales Resume Email


    Subject: Sales Job Application

    Dear concerned,

    In response to a job advertisement in a local newspaper, I wish to apply for the job of the Manager Sales in Cool Tyres Limited.

    I have previously worked in Ovex Technologies as the Head of the Sales Team and have been a brilliant performer. Please find attached my resume and the job experience letter.

    Kindly consider my application because of my experience in the field of sales.


    Shaun Timothy

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    Template of Sales Resume Email

    To: [email address of the company]

    Subject: Sales Job Application

    Dear concerned,

    I recently came across a sales job vacancy advertisement on a website and want to apply for the post of [name of the sales post].

    I believe that I have the required credentials, having worked with multiple organizations as a sales officer. I have attached my previous job experience letters and my resume with the email.

    Looking forward to a positive response from [name of the company].


    [Your name]
    [Telephone number]

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