Unsolicited Email Marketing

You must have received lots of marketing emails in your mailing account, and probably wonder how those who sent the mails to you, got your email address and flooded your inbox with thousands of messages, without even getting your permission.

Well, this is what unsolicited email marketing is.

Unsolicited marketing is all about marketing products and services without the consent of the person being targeted.

Start the email with a bold, compelling headline that promises to satisfy the customer. Remember, the reader of an unsolicited email may not give your message the second look. So, in order to grab their attention, make the headline catchy.

Use opening salutation. Dear Reader would be more appropriate; since you are sending the email to people you are not familiar with.

The first paragraph should directly talk about the features and benefits of whatever you are selling. If you waste the first few lines introducing your company and trying to impress the reader with what you have achieved, you will surely distract them and there is a good chance that they will close the email right away.

You may extend the email to more paragraphs; it is entirely up to you. However remember, with unsolicited email marketing, less is more. Stick to the facts and highlight the benefits of your product and service.


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    Sample of Unsolicited Email Marketing

    To: martin123@tmail.com
    Subject: Make your life easy

    Dear Martin,

    Are you tired of using the same old daily-use stuff and really want to replace it with the new ones? Be it a computer or a second-hand carpet, we are offering you to replace your old items with new ones at a fee so minimal that it will surprise you.

    Our store can arrange any item you are after and we have sold out literally hundreds of products so far. Do not waste any more time and talk to our representative via our website. If you are ready, you can reply back to this email address and we will get back to you within seconds.


    Customer Care Department,
    Easy Life Hub

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    Template of Unsolicited Email Marketing

    To: (Recipient’s email address)
    Subject: ________________

    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    We at (company name here) would like to introduce you to our newly launched product (product name here). The (product name) is something you have long wanted to get your hands on.

    Feel free to ask any questions you like. We are offering this service for a limited time period, so shake a leg and get your (product name) before it runs out of stock.


    (Company name)

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