IPhone Hotmail Email Settings Overview

When Apple introduced iPhone in the market, a huge revolution took place in the field of technology. Cell phone users were given a chance to experience actual advancement in technology; especially the familiarity with touch screen was astonishing. Besides various other apps iPhone also allows its users to access Hotmail email server so that people can keep themselves updated with their emails and latest happenings.

Before you add your Hotmail account on iPhone, make sure your Hotmail account is registered with IzyMail. If not then visit this site and get your account registered. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully and remain connected to Hotmail.


  • 1

    On your iPhone’s Home screen tap on settings

  • 2

    From the viewed list tap on Mail and then Contacts

  • 3

    Among the options viewed tap on Calendars, this will take you to a new page

  • 4

    Under Account you will have to tap on Add Account

  • 5

    See if Hotmail is available in the list. If not, then tap on Other

  • 6

    A new page will open up on which you will have to tap on Add Mail Account

  • 7

    You will be asked to add relevant information:

    Name: Type your Name
    Address: Type your Hotmail Live Address
    Password: Type the password of your Hotmail account
    Under Description tap on the IzyMail Hotmail

    In the end, tap Save

  • 8

    If an error message displays on your screen tap Ok.

  • 9

    Select IMAP

    Under the Incoming Mail Server you will have to enter the following information:

    Host Name: Type in.izymail.com
    User Name: Type Hotmail address

  • 10

    Under the Outgoing Mail Server you will have to enter following information:

    Host Name: Type out.izymail.com
    User Name: Type Hotmail Address

    In the end tap Save

  • 11

    Another message will display asking you to have iPhone Mail attempt to connect without SSL, tap Yes

  • 12

    Go back to your Home screen and tap on settings, then Mail, Contacts and then select Calendar from the list.

  • 13

    Tap on the IzyMail Hotmail and then tap on Advanced

  • 14

    From the viewed list tap on Drafts Mailbox

  • 15

    Under On the Server select Drafts and then tap Advance

  • 16

    Now you will have to select Sent Mailbox and choose Sent under On the Server. Again tap on Advance

  • 17

    Tap on Delete Mailbox; under On the Sever, tap on Trash.

  • 18

    In the end exit from the page.

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