How to Use Folders on a Droid

The Android operating system has a user interface which revolves around a few key elements. The home screen is probably the most used of these elements; it houses all the icons, shortcuts and widgets for your apps and forms the core of the interface. Adding shortcuts on the home screen makes it easier to access your favourite apps quickly, as opposed to opening up the app drawer and scrolling through. However, it is easy to clutter your home screens fairly quickly if you are a power user. Fortunately, the Android UI also allows you to make folders to organize your shortcuts and streamline the interface.


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    Scroll to the home screen you want to place folder on. You can swipe left or right on the main screen to navigate through the available home screens. You can also press the home button to return to the default main screen.

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    Once you are on the home screen you want, make sure you have enough space for a folder icon. If the screen is filled with shortcuts, you can remove one by keeping your finger on it and swiping it to the remove button (usually denoted by a trashcan).

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    Now that you have space for a folder, press the menu key and select the ‘add’ option. Some devices already have the ‘create folder’ option available in the menu - tap it to create a folder. If you only have the ‘add’ option, you can tap it and select folder from the next dialogue.

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    You will be prompted to enter a name for the folder. Enter your desired name and tap ok to proceed.

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    The folder should now be visible on your selected home screen and you can choose which shortcuts you want to place in it.

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    Long press a shortcut (keep your finger on it for a second) and swipe it to the newly created folder. This will remove the shortcut from the screen and place it in the folder. You can repeat this step with as many shortcuts you need to move

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    Once you have moved all the shortcuts to the folder, you can tap the folder to view them. A pop-up box will show you the folder’s contents and you can tap a shortcut from the box to run the related application.

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    Folders can also be removed from the home screen along with all the shortcuts in them. Simply long press the folder you wish to remove and wait for the ‘Remove’ option to show up on the screen before you drag the folder to it.

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