How to Check Your Husband’s Text Messages

You seem to be a bit tensed about your husband’s continuous texting habit? You are thinking what is he actually texting and more importantly who is the one who is having his attention all the time. If all these questions are bothering you then you have reached the right place to find the solution for this matter but there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your campaign unless you are clever, smart and able to deceive your husband.

It is impossible to ask your husband this question directly that who is he texting because it will just give a wrong message to him and he will think that you are not trusting him enough and asking those questions that actually give rise to fights etc. So, the easier and non-violent method to solve this issue is to not let him know that you are actually bothered about his texting habit instead you are very cool with it.

You can wait for few days as well and know that whether the texting habit is gone or your husband is addicted to it forever. If the former case happens, then your problem is solved without doing anything about it but for the latter case, you have to do something in order to know the receiver of those barrage of messages that leave you husband’s mobile network all the time.


  • 1

    Stay with your husband while he prepares to take a shower in the morning.

  • 2

    Wait for a moment before your husband has entered the bathroom to take shower. It is to make sure that he has everything he needs for the shower and he will not return.

  • 3

    Take his phone out of the drawer without making any sort of sound. Do it quickly but don’t panic and don’t make any noise. Probably turn on the Television to be on a safe side.

  • 4

    Quickly check the name of recent receivers and if you find someone fishy then you know what to do.

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