Android Yahoo Mail Settings Overview

If you are looking for a technique which will allow you to view your Yahoo mails in Android cell phone then you should end your search because this guide will effectively provide an accurate answer to your question.

There are basically two ways through which your Yahoo mails can be viewed in an Android phone; you can either use the official mail app or pick the POP3 options. The best option is to choose POP3 because it will help you in consolidating other mail accounts with your Yahoo mail account. Yahoo mail settings for Android phones explained in this guide are by selecting the POP3 option.


  • 1

    First you will have to open the email app in your android phone.

  • 2

    In order to bring-up your menu, click the Menu button and then click on Add Account.

  • 3

    Another window will appear on your screen. You will have to click the Email Service Provider option available on the screen. From there you will have to select 'Others'.

  • 4

    A dialogue box will appear on your screen asking for your Yahoo email address along with your password.

  • 5

    After entering the above mentioned data, check the Send email from this account by default option’s; this will make your account as default and you will be able to send emails by this account.

  • 6

    In lower portion of the screen two options are visible; one is the Manual Setup whereas the other is Next. If you want to set it up manually, select the Manual option.

  • 7

    After clicking Manual Setup, a new screen will appear asking for the Incoming server settings. You will have to add in the following information:

    Username: Type your Yahoo email address
    Password: Type the password of your Yahoo email address
    POP3 server: Type in the field
    Port: 995
    Security type: SSL
    Delete email from the Server: it’s up to you whether you wish to delete the email after downloading it or keep it in the web

  • 8

    Next you will be asked to enter Outgoing Server’s data. Add the information stated as follow:

    SMTP server: Type
    Port: 465
    Security type: SSL
    Checkbox: Check the require sign-in checkbox
    Username: Type your Yahoo email address
    Password: Type the password of your Yahoo’s email address

    Click Next

  • 9

    A new window appearing on your screen contains options that will ask you for your preferences. Check the relevant boxes and click Next.

  • 10

    In the subsequent window you will have to enter your name that will appear when you send an email and the name that will appear in your inbox.

    In the end, click Done.

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