How to Turn an iPhone Into a Keyboard

With development and technology, smart phones have reached new levels at a rapid pace, and every year with addition to their previous models, you find something astounding. iPhone on the other hand, takes the cake, and with advanced functionality you can access other devices with your iPhone as well. You can use your handheld device as a keyboard with a Mac Mini or you can even use your iPhone as a mouse with the right app.

The most reliable and the oldest app is ControlPad, which allows you to convert your iPhone into a wireless keyboard, and if you typically use a wireless keyboard with your Mac Mini, then it is all the more convenient for you to replace that with your iPhone.


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    This information will allow you to use your iPhone only. You need to search for the ControlPad app to begin with. For that, you need to tap on the “App Store” icon on your screen, and look for the ControlPad app. You can do that by tapping on the search bar and write the keywords “controlpad.”

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    Next up, purchase the ControlPad app. It shouldn’t be that expensive. Once you have purchased the app, it is time to launch the app on your iPhone and tap the “Settings” button. By doing so, your iPhone will allow you to configure the app, and you will be halfway there to convert your iPhone into a wireless keyboard or a wireless mouse.

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    You can also use your computer with the iPhone, and for that you will need to go to screen of iTunes and tap on the “iTunes Store” button. Follow the same procedure by searching for the ControlPad app, and then buy the app, download it on to your computer.

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    Now, you will have to connect your computer with the iPhone using a USB chord. This will allow you to synch your iPhone with your computer through iTunes. To configure your synch settings to synch with the app you bought, you need to select iPhone from the sidebar, and then click “Apply” in the lower right corner. This will allow your computer to get synched with your ControlPad app to the iPhone, and once you're done with the procedure, disconnect your iPhone with your computer. Launching ControlPad to your iPhone is easy, as you go to the iPhone screen and tap the “Settings” button. This process will allow you to configure the app.

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