How to Use Prepaid Phone Cards in the Simplest Ways

Cellular companies offer two different kinds of services; prepaid and post-paid. In the latter one, you receive a bill at the end of the month. Whereas in prepaid, you transfer the money to your account before making a call or sending a text message.

This service has its drawbacks like running out of credit at an important moment, but it is nevertheless considered to be the best way of controlling the amount of money that you spend. Almost every network offers prepaid cards of various values to its users. It is probably the best way of loading minutes onto your phone. The procedure is not hard at all.


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    First of all, purchase a prepaid card of your relevant network. Usually, you can find such cards from various retail locations. Many companies even support online purchasing of the prepaid cards.

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    Look at the back of the card for the activation number. Almost every company use a silver strip to hide the code. If any part of the activation code is visible, ask the shopkeeper to replace it. Use a coin or your finger nail and scratch off the silver strip to expose the number.

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    You will find the entire procedure of loading a card right at the back of the card. It is pretty easy, as you just need to make a call to a given number. This call is absolutely free.

    Each network has a different number in this regard. The number, however, can easily be identified with a phrase, such as ‘To Load Card’, ‘To Add Credit’, ‘To Add Balance’, ‘To Reload Call’, or a similar line.

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    Dial the activation code once you connect with the the computer-based operator at the other end. You may have to press 1 or Yes to confirm the code. The money will be added to your account quickly afterwards.  Many phone companies ask the user to press # after dialing the activation code.

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    Carefully listen to the computerised system to see whether the card has successfully been loaded. Once you hear the confirmation, terminate the call.

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    Don’t forget to check your balance after terminating the call. You may also receive a text message from your network provider, confirming that the money has been added successfully.

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