How to Show Alert Dialog in Android

The number of functions and services has extensively increased since launch of smartphones. Consumers probably are offered to do more on their phones more than they are probably what on hands on their PCs and laptops. The market is even more revolutionised since launch of Google’s Android phone, made available through handsets of many manufacturers. This has created a need for proper learning to use of different applications and services by the Android users. No matter how little or bigger an application is, it has many benefits for its consumers. There a whole range of applications, which the consumers are simply not aware of, or are handicapped to use and benefit from them, since they do not know how to use them.

An option to show and hide alert dialogue in an Android phone is a dead easy task, irrespective of the fact that many consumers still have complaints about their authentic use and driving maximum benefits. It is a very simple task, committed and completed in just a few small steps, but if the consumer has not read any manual or instructions from any other source, it is likely he/she will face a problem in performing it.


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    It is a simple step, performed with a remarkable ease. You just have to pop-up the display window with various buttons/tabs options on it. Before performing the dialogue option, you will need to download or import an Android application for AlertDialog onto your handset. Google has AlertDialog applications to show in dialog box, where you can perform hide or show function.

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    Show Function

    Once the AlertDialog displays on your mobile phone handset's screen, you can either press show or hid button, getting the same result. If the dialogue box shows show tab, you just need to press it and it will change to the Show Alertdialog.

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    Hide Dialogue

    If your screens the hide option on your handset's tab, simply press it and it will hid the dialogue in the box. Both functions are performed with a dead ease and there is no problem in the process as such.

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