How to Turn on Bluetooth With Android

Bluetooth is one of the best technologies to transfer data from one device to another. This feature is not all about mobile phones, as the laptops do have this technology these days. Even if your personal computer does not have built-in Bluetooth, you can enjoy it just by attaching a Bluetooth device, which is easily available in the market.

There are no questions over the worth of Bluetooth in this modern era of science. For example, you are hanging out with your friends at a very beautiful place, and one of your mates captures the moment in his mobile phone. You like the picture so much that you want to put it as your display picture on Facebook.

The best way to get the snap is Bluetooth. Just turn it on, and ask your friend to forward it to your mobile phone. Likewise, if you are a businessman and receive plenty of phone calls every day. You should get a Bluetooth earpiece to keep doing your stuff while talking on the phone. No one can deny Bluetooth’s worth these days.

So, you must know to use it on your smartphone. The latest Android phones have made it very easy. Here we discuss how to turn Bluetooth on, if you are using Ice Cream Sandwich version. The procedure is almost identical on all other Android versions.


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    First of all, you should make sure that the phone is up and running. Reach the home screen by unlocking the phone, if you have put any locks on it. Once you have got the home screen, the process will become very easy. Push the ‘Main Menu’ button, and enter the menu.

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    Ignoring all other icons, look only for the Settings icon. Tap it, and you will go straight to the System Settings. Right under the heading of Wireless & Network, you will find the option of Bluetooth. If you are using Gingerbread, you initially need to tap the Wireless & Network to reach the Bluetooth option.

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    Move your thumb/finger from OFF to ON. As a result, the button will be lightened, and Bluetooth is turned on. To make it certain, you need to look at top of the screen, where you will see Bluetooth indicator. Bluetooth has been turned on correctly.

    Now you can go in, and manage your Bluetooth settings. You can pair up with other Bluetooth devices, like headset. This wireless technology will surely your life quite interesting.

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