How to Develop iPhone Software

Being in the limelight for past several years, the iPhone industry has provided employment to many people. The million dollar iPhone industry has attracted the attention of many and a large number of developers have increasingly turned their focus towards it.

In the recent years, iPhone App Store has become the centre of attention for everyone as the drastically increasing number of iPhone users demand more and more rich interfaced applications with unique ideas. This always leaves the room for a potential developer to join in and share his creativity.

Nevertheless, some developers misunderstand the criteria to become a developer for iPhone as only being a developer does not give you a green signal for that but one has to fulfil a certain criteria to be authorised. The foremost condition is that your app should be worthy enough to get a space into the App Store, for this it should be new and has a user friendly interface. The other important point that your app should fulfil is that it needs to be bug free and secure as apple ensure it customer hassle free experience.


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    The primary condition is that you should have a firm grip on the Objective-C programming language that is an elite form of the C programming language.

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    Now what you need to do is to register yourself at the Apple Developer program. Do not mistake it for a free membership, as it is a premium registration. Apple offers two kinds of membership for an individual it charges USD99 while for an enterprise membership, the fee has been declared to USD299. You will also find free development kits but do not be misguided as Apple shows very little or no support for them.

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    Start working on your app using the above mentioned language to ensure the support of Apple. Be certain about the requirements of iPhone to avoid as much trouble as possible. Your app should be bugs free and support the iOS and if any bug arises in future, Apple will require you to fix that on immediate basis.

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    You should become a member of the Apple Developer Connection and after that you can give in your application to Apple for a review that will eventually lead to acceptance, if they found it suitable.

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    Do not forget to update the contents of your app to meet the current criteria of security and compatibility with updated softwares.

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