How to Use Green Screen Studios on Your iPhone

Apple iPhone is one of the most selling smart phones these days because of its sexy design and innovative operating system. One of the reasons that adds to its popularity is thousands of Applications (Apps) that can be downloaded to the iPhone by just a press of a thumb. Some of these Apps are free to use while some of them come with a price tag on them.

Green Screen Studios is also one of the Apple iPhone Applications. It allows users to change the background of images on iPhone or an iPod Touch. There is a trial/ free version of the application that can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Application store. You can basically select any image as your background and then experiment with it the way you like. There is a complete/ paid version available on the App store as well, but it is recommended to try out the free version first before making a decision to buy any subscriptions. So download and install the free version of the Application on your iPhone to enjoy the easy to use App.


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    On your iPhone, tap on the Green Screen Studios icon under the Applications section to start the Application. Inside the Green Screen Studios tap on “choose photo” in the main screen. This will open a file browser asking you to locate the photo that you want to edit. Select the photo from the library that you wish to modify and confirm it by tapping the image. The photo will now open in the Green Screen Studios. There is a toolbar in the bottom of the screen, tap on choose a back ground. It will open up a list of available images that can be used as back grounds. Most of them will be templates or raw colour fills. However if you wish to choose any image as a background in your photo, you will have to purchase the full version of the application.

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    After selecting the background, it will return to the photo without change of the background. For the change to take effect tap the tools button in the bottom of the screen and choose automatic replacement. This will replace the background with the image that you selected in the last step.

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    If automatic replacement does not yield desirable results, there are some other options available as well. Magic Brush technique can be used to make background changes in limited area of the photo. Similarly there are many other replacement techniques available in the Application as well.

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