How to Save Email Attachments on an IPhone

Businessmen all over the world are using iPhone as a device which helps them address their tasks with ease. It has revolutionised the whole industry and users who were so loyal to Canadian manufacturer RIM’s Blackberry phones, are now gradually shifting to iPhone since it provides better level of security and connectivity.

iPhones now have the ability to set up an exchange server, push emails, make notes, set up calendar events, have the iPhone to wake you up at a certain time, remind you about the tasks you are supposed to do at a certain place and the like.

iPhone’s Mail is another great feature which lets you do most of your email related tasks easily. You can send and receive emails on the go and this article will tell you how you can save an attachment that you receive in your inbox with ease.


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    First of all, you need to tap the Mail button on your iPhone’s homescreen. You can see the Mail icon with a little envelope on it. After you enter the Mail, you will see a list of all the mail you have received in your inbox.

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    Tap on the message from which you want to save the attachment. This can be any message in your inbox, drafts or sent items folder.

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    After you open the message, you will see the message along with the attachment in it. Following example will tell you how to save an image file from a mail. The image that was attached in the mail will also be displayed in the message.

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    Tap and hold the picture in the message to bring up a pop-up menu. The menu will have two options, Save Image or Copy. You can save the image using the first option and it will be saved in your camera roll pictures folder. If you want to send the image to someone else, select copy so that you can insert it from the clipboard into another message.

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    After you save the image in the camera roll, you can access it if you go back to your main homescreen and tapping the Photos icon. It is the icon with a little yellow flower on it.

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    That’s it. You have successfully saved an image attachment on your iPhone.

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