Bejeweled 2 + Blitz; The Top iPhone App Overview

Bejeweled Blitz is considered as one of the most interesting puzzle game which can be played only from Myspace, Facebook or the official Popcap website. It has two game play modes. The first one is Classic, in which every identical set of gems will create a thermometer bar, and eventually helps to come to the end and then start a new level. The other one is Action in which you are fighting against a clock to move to the next level. You have just minute to plan, match and explode as many gems as you can. The higher your score the better chance for you to participate in a weekly tournament.


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    How to play

    This is indeed a simple game to play. While playing its classic mode, you have to fill a bar to complete the first level and move on to the next. You will lose the game if you are finished with your moves. In Action mode, you have to quickly think about your matches.

    PopCap also introduces a third mode to the iphone version with the name of Endless, in which you have unlimited moves but you cannot avail all of them in advance until you fill the bar. This process becomes harder and harder every time you hit the bar.

    Stay up to date with your friends and see how many points they are able to make in 60 seconds while playing this game on Facebook.

    In order to make a hypercube, you have to match five jewels in one row. By creating hypercube, all the jewels which are located close to it will change into similar color as the jewel you replaced it with. By replacing one hypercube with another, jewels will be wiped out from the whole board, and finally you will get points for all the jewels that have been wiped out.

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